Work packages


WP1: Specification, System of System architecture

In Work Package 1 all the leading partners are involved in the definition of the requirements, specifications and project demonstrators to cover right from the beginning the potential business cases.

WP2: System Modelling

Work Package 2 is the first step down to the basics, linking the holistic system approach with technological details, given with system modelling approaches, validations for the chosen research approach and technological feasibilities.

WP3: Components

In Work Package 3 the core elements of the project will be handled, the development of the necessary components.

WP4: Heterogeneous Integration

Work Package 4 is the first step upwards to the system, research on integration technologies and integrating the components from the outcomes of Work Package 3.

WP5: Evaluation and Demonstration

Work Pacakage 5 is the consequent step from the components towards the systems. The functional tests will be performed as well as the system evaluation can be conducted in this development phase.

WP6: Exploitation and Dissemination

Parellel to the development in the technical Work Packages, Work Package 6 will take care of all Dissemination activities and at the end of the project the Exploitation plans will be consolidate here.