The NexGen Project is a project co-funded by the EUREKA program CATRENE. NexGen stands for Next Generation of Body Monitoring.

The NexGen project

The Project Next Generation of Body Monitoring (NexGen), targets to develop key microelectronic technologies and components for future mobile/wearable health care systems. The feasibility will be demonstrated along 2 interconnected ubiquitous body monitoring systems of high social and economic importance, an implanted glucose monitor and a non-invasive on-body multi-parameter monitor. It will be pinpointed that these body monitoring systems facilitate new business cases in the mobile health care system.



Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) applied to health and health care systems can increase their efficiency, improve quality of life and unlock innovation in health markets. However, this promise remains largely unfulfilled, as expressed by Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Chair of the independent high-level eHealth Task Force: “We know that in healthcare we lag at least 10 years behind virtually every other area in the implementation of IT solutions. We know from a wide range of other services that information technology applications can radically revolutionize and improve the way we do things” (May 2012).