Quad Industries is a leading manufacturer and developer of user interfaces and control panels, which mainly consist of membrane and capacitive switches, overlays and foils, rubber keypads, PCB’s, integrated touch screens or displays and plastic or metal housings.

Quad has over 30 years of experience in the production of printed electronics products, since membrane switches were actually the first printed electronic products on the market.

The biggest opportunity in the field of printed electronics is that many new applications are now emerging, with the Internet-of-Things as main driver behind this (r)evolution.

This creates a huge potential market for Quads’ existing technology platform (including screen printing, component assembly …) and competencies (engineering), to produce a complete new range of products.

Role in the NexGen Project

QUAD has a long experience and extensive knowledge of screen‐printing, component assembly, and electronic design. This technology can be combined for the production of so‐called hybrid systems, which offer a very interesting approach to integrate components on flex foils by combining silicon devices with printed functionality.

This approach is used for the production of smart labels, and will now be further developed to evolve from smart labels to smart blisters.

QUAD is also licensee from Enfucell SoftBattery® technology. This enables QUAD to manufacture a full range of custom designed and integrated batteries, enabling for active, smart, printed solutions.


Wim Christiaens & Arne Casteleyn