Maastricht Instruments

Maastricht Instruments is a spin-off company of the Maastricht University Medical Centre. The company develops and commercialises wearable healthcare applications. Core activities are:

  1. Development and integration of sensors (“wearables”) for self-measurements, such as physical activity, ECG, heartrate, body temperature
  2. Development of “digital doctors’ assistants’: digital patient coaches and decision support tools in the form of smartphone apps, online eHealth programs and patient monitoring dashboards.

The wearable healthcare solutions allow patients to take a more active role in the care process (patient self-management). This leads to healthier patients that have less negative effects of their disease and a productivity increase in healthcare processes. A unique aspect of Maastricht Instruments is its embedding in the University Medical Centre, which provides access to medical specialists for testing, validation and healthcare process implementation. Maastricht Instruments is ISO13485 certified for the development of medical devices. Maastricht Instruments wishes to share its knowledge and network with the consortium in order to contribute to the development of new technology solutions for the benefit of patients.

Role in the NexGen Project

Maastricht Instruments contributes to the formulation of the technical specifications of the sensor and to the medical requirements hereof. Maastricht Instruments will focus on medical and demonstrator requirements of sensors, and testing / validation of these sensors. It will contribute to early feasibility tests, concepts and methods concerning electronic patches and sensor systems. MAIN will also contribute to the design and testing of algorithms.


Freek Boesten