IHP performs research and development in the fields of silicon-based systems, highest-frequency integrated circuits, and technologies for wireless and broadband communication. The focus of research at the institute is oriented towards issues relevant for business, resulting in applications for telecommunications, semiconductor and automotive industries, aerospace, telemedicine, and automation technologies. The institute has developed into an internationally recognized competence center for silicon-germanium technologies.

The strength of IHP is evident in the scientific contributions to leading conferences around the world, by continuous success in attaining third-party funds and the steadily increasing number of international users of the Multi-Project Wafer and Prototyping Services. Along with IHP staff’s exceptional competence, the cutting-edge modern technological equipment plays an important role in this success.

IHP provides an important bridge between academia and industry. The Joint Labs with universities and universities of applied science in the Berlin-Brandenburg region have been particularly successful in this cooperation.

Role in the NexGen Project

In the project, IHP develops sensors and sensor systems for both supply chains, the implant and the on-body monitoring device, for glucose and effort monitoring. Different topologies for sensing elements covering the millimeter wave frequency range are investigated and fabricated focusing especially on the reduction of size, power consumption and an increased sensitivity, three important aspects for the invasive sensor. IHP designs also RF transceivers to excite and characterize the response of the sensing elements based on different system topologies. Furthermore, IHP will assist building a demonstrator to validate the functionality of the different components working as a stand-alone element.


Prof. Dr. Dietmar Kissinger & Jan Wessel