Evalan supports customers in the development, implementation and operation of innovative real-time monitoring solutions. Our services range from monitoring inventories and machine performance, to real time tracking of vital health parameters of patients.

To implement these solutions, mobile devices, sensor units, data management systems, data processing algorithms and user interfaces are developed. Customers are provided with secure access to their own real-time data and information can be sent directly, through e-mail, text (sms) or apps, for example if a system generates an alarm. Evalan offers these solutions to healthcare institutions, industries, commercial property, military and research facilities in 30 countries worldwide and is expert in Bluetooth Low Energy products.

Role in the NexGen Project

Evalan develops and exploits commercially viable offerings for healthcare applications that use sensors, Body Area Networks and communications through various platforms. The technology developed during this project will be used by Evalan in these solutions. Specifically the multiparameter on-body monitor will be used in services that Evalan offers to hospitals and healthcare professionals during their treatment of patients. Evalan will use technologies progressed during this project, related to for example sensor platforms and energy platforms, to improve its current services and related devices.


Henk Schwietert, Sari Ahokas and Leon Derks