The NexGen consortium is composed by 15 partners with a diverse background. The partners are located in three different countries; Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

The issues addressed through NexGen and the goals it has set are both very challenging and complex. The consortium is confident that it will achieve the objectives as it is mobilizing Europe’s best industry and research groups with state-of-the-art expertise in the areas of nano-electronic technologies, circuit architectures, sensing devices, electronics/communication modules, system integration, printable power sources and health care services. The unique combination of consortium members cements the vested interest for everyone and provides a mix of expertise from all angles that ensures that useable, marketable, sellable products will be the outcome. The strong asset in the NexGen consortium is the coverage of the complete value chain for mobile medical health care applications. There is a clear complementarily among participants and the consortium forms a multidisciplinary team. Involved are biologists, chemists and physicists carrying out the work to model the micro/nano biosensor systems. Process scientists and engineers work on fabrication and processing techniques (heterogeneous integration, packaging) and device designers characterizing the performance of nano-electronics components for biomedical applications. Also involved are circuit, RF and system researchers, working to integrate the nano-electonics devices and components into novel circuits and architectures, to be used together with multi-parameter biosensors and telecommunication networks. The experienced faculties of medical universities support with health service access and operational know-how for medical research and relevant ethical issues.

The high number of SMEs participate on the one hand in transferring the project results into innovative market applications and on the other hand will contribute by their deep focused technology know how in the area of needed focus technologies. They also offer a strong advantage as some SMEs are familiar with obtaining medical approvals.

The profile of the participating Industry partners/end users will enable NexGen technology to be implemented and exploited, improving their business both in the European and world markets.